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Default Re: Catch and Release?

I kept fish as a bait fisherman but have not in the past year and a half since converting to the fly. My fly fishing skills have not yet produced a trophy (though I guess it's all relative. The largest trout I've landed is about 18"). In that event, I hope and plan that I will keep my senses and return it unharmed.

Here's one on the topic. I've often heard it to be good practice to keep fish if they are bleeding badly or don't revive after the catch. Makes sense and I never thought too much about it until recently. I would be interested in everyone's opinion on whether or not there is value in releasing the fish anyway as to not remove it from the fishery's food chain. In other words, that fish is potential food for birds, scavengers, and if not it will decay in to the stream bed and feed bugs and other organisms.
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