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Default Re: How to Target Larger Fish

Put yourself into the fishes mind-set.

At an all you can eat buffet, is the longest line in front of the salads/jello? No way, the guy carving the prime rib has the longest line.

Fish are the same way. Look at each run and break it down. The biggest fish got that way because they are at the front of the line. Fish do not like to spend a lot of energy getting their food and the hogs are the best at this. Look at the spots where a hog might be able to use very little energy to move into the feeding lane, eat and move back with very little effort.

Hogs also have the best "houses", under the cut bank, under the log, behind a bump in the surface water (means there is a boulder on the bottom).

I know I sound crazy saying to think like a fish. Many clients I have guided thought the same thing when I told them this, but after a day on the water together they relized I was right.

And by the way I am crazy.

fish or DIE
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