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Default Re: Show your Winter Flies

Originally Posted by webrx View Post
As some of you may know, I like to fish the Truckee River during the winter, and, if you fish freestone rivers, you may also know that winter can have its ups and downs when fishing. Muddy water, high flows, cold and windy. I have found over the last few years anyway that while smaller midges work, and work well, in the slower sections and pools, the fast water may require a fly that is a bit more substantial.

Wooly buggers are great on fast and murky water, and one of my favorites is a fly I put together to imitate a sculpin - I call it the Wooly Sculpin and it has served me well east of town both in and below the riffles.

Click the image to open in full size.

So, here is the "Show Me Yours" part. What is your favorite fly to use in faster winter waters in and around the riffles and runs?

dealflydeals has a sculpin pattern that even has eyes for just $.50 a fly.
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