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Default Re: Reel recommendation

Originally Posted by burns View Post
True, I have never had a trout get into my backing either. All the experts say you need it for the occasional bigger than big fish in a big river or a lake.

But I too have never seen it happen.

I got way into my backing on a 10 pound rainbow on the uppersac. But one thing you have to remember about backing is, when asked how much backing you want, how far do you want to trudge over slippery rocks hunting down the fish? Put at least 100 yards backing on tho, do you really want to lose a 10 - 15 pound trout because you were a dumb #&#& idiot and didnt put backing on it?

The upper sac is a small river too, 30-40 feet across, resident trout. On steelhead rivers I have waded out 100 feet from the bank (and the other side of the river was another 100 feet away) and had steelies take me 500 feet.
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