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Default Can a 10 wt rod handle all of this?

I don't travel that much so I do not want that many saltwater rods. But I very occasionally go to places like ontario canada florida keys and various locations in alaska. So I am looking for a rod that can handle large king salmon, pike, musky, tarpon, permit, small dorado/yellowfin. I think a 9 ft 10 wt with a nice saltwater reel and tropical fly line could potentionally handle these but I am not sure. I have only caught these species on conventional tackle, except for the salmon. Right now I have a ton of freshwater rods all the way up to an 8 wt, which has been my only saltwater outfit. I live right next to the coast in southern california with a nice 30 ft boat so I figure I better be more prepared for some saltwater fly opportunities that may arise as well.
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