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Default Re: Can a 10 wt rod handle all of this?

It could handle all of that, but a 10wt is a big jump from an 8wt, and even a 9 wt. My 9wt feels much more like a heavier 8wt than a lighter 10wt. Plus, on the 10 wt you'll want a good reel, so the weight will increase. Throwing a 10 all day is tiring, no matter how good you haul. Usually 10's require much more line speed to load, so you'll need a good double haul to cast it.

For kings and light big game (dorado, tarpon), the 10 wt will do. All others, including permit, the 9wt. I'd personally go 9 and 10, which I do, but if I could only have 2, I'd go 8 and 10. A 9 is just not big enough for tarpon (babies yes, mommas and daddies, no).
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