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Default Re: What am i doing wrong

Don't get discouraged! That is key.
When I started, I fished two straight summers before I even hooked a fish. And the pictures on my profile are after about 16 years of fishing probably 50 days a year in good years. If there is a local fly or outfitter shop, go in and make friends with them. Give them your business and they will usually start giving you good information. Often times they offer free or cheap seminars on stuff.

Once you do hook a fish, remember what you did. I have no problem admitting that I used to keep a journal of sorts, with dates, weather conditions, locations, flies, and gear for every fish I caught. Then the next year I would read it and try that or some variation again. This taught me a lot about what to look for in the outdoor world while huntin fish.

Last, remember why you are out there. Fresh air, you're not at work, no one is *****ing at you, it's quiet. Being a pretty accomplished fly fisherman, I got skunked four outings in a row last January. It happens. That fifth day when I hooked a 10 inch rainbow, it meant as much to me as a 24 inch fish.

As for small fish, one of my favorite things to do is fish for brookies in places like Yellowstone or Maine. They don't get real big. But it's the sport and the fun, not the size.

I also bought a whiskey flask and added it to my gear. It helps a lot!
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