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Default Re: casting sinking lines

Originally Posted by Frank Whiton View Post
Hi shmish,

Just to clarify, the sink tip line I am talking about is the ones built to be a sink tip line by the manufacture. You can not add or remove the sink tip. I am not talking about adding a sinking tip to a floating line.

Here is SA's description:

Wet Tip II - WF6F/S
This is the best all around sinking tip fly line made, and absolutely indispensible for trout fishing! The Wet Tip has a uniquely tapered front section and a graduated density transition from the floating section to the sinking tip that has little "hinge" and turns over easily. Each line weight has progressively longer sinking tip lengths appropriately designed for that individual line weight to insure direct contact, improve sensitivity, and turn flies over easily. 3 weight lines have a 6.5 foot tip, a 6 weight line has a 10 foot sinking tip section, and a 9 weight has a sink tip nearly 15 feet long. Color: Mist Green/Green Tip.
Are sink tip lines usually used on streams/rivers for nymphing or using streamers? Typically at what point do people stop using weights on the leader/tippet and move to a sink type line?

I recently learned what a "nymph" line is, maybe someone could correct me if I'm wrong. A nymph line is a floating line that is bigger (diameter? stiffness? weight?) at the tip, which makes the line nicer for turning over heavier nymph and streamer flies when compared to the standard WF line.

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