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Default Re: Barb wired fence running across Odell spring creek in Ennis Montana

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I'm sorry to hear about the floaters on the Madison. The lower Blackfoot is honestly not even an option middays the entire summer. No fisherman in their right mind goes near it. It's starting on the Bitterroot, too now. I am not for lots of recreation regulations, and I don't know what the state or counties could even do, but it's becoming a real problem, not just for fisherman.

Another snow storm is blowing in today. It could be a good winter West of the divide, which means a good summer for the rivers.
I can't tell you how happy I was to see the ranchers blow up the cliff jump on the Jeff. I was also pleased that the story about an otter attacking some tubers on the lower Jeff made the rounds around town as well.
I don't know what the solution is but the tubing thing is definitely a problem for me where I like to fish in the summer. Places I used to go to get away from the summer crowds are now seeing lots of drunken idiots in inner tubes.

I can give up the Lower Madison, it gets to warm anyways, but the Jeff? The lower G?
The Blackfoot is just sad. The trash these people are generating and dumping in the river is outrageous.

I've been seeing them on the Stone through town on hot days now. That's just down right dangerous for the vast majority of drunk idiots who almost never have life vests on.

A bunch of college kids I used to work with ran the lower G. They tied all their tubes together and ran into one of the big snags just above Logan. A couple of them got hurt and thought they were going to drown. One of the girls thought she had a broken back and they had to get rescued. She went to the hospital but was fortunately just banged up.
I used to hammer home the "respect the river" concept endlessly to them. When they told me about it I was actually pissed off. It was, I guess, a little silly of me to expect them to listen.
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