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Default Re: Rookie Fly Fisherman Seeking Help

a dozen or so times and not landing fish yet.... don't worry, sounds about right if you're going about this largely solo. it took awhile for me, perhaps a few months before i started hooking into and landing fish (I had flyfished successfully decades earlier but this time around i was fishing local waters with my first real setup and casting lessons). when you say not landing, are you hooking into them?

sounds like you've stumbled across one of the nice things about flyfishing. you can enjoy it without even landing fish. of cours ei can understand the need to move to the next step :-) what kind of waters are you fishing, what kind of fish are you loking for, what kind of setup are you using, what tactics are you incorporating? with info like that someone can help.

internet forums are great. look for something in your area, they can be region-specific at times. finding someone in your area doing the same type of fishing can help as well if you can get on the water with them.

if you fish streams for trout, one book i found very amusing, entertaining and actually quite informative is the curtis creek manifesto.

good luck

fresno, ca.
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