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Default Re: Rookie Fly Fisherman Seeking Help


Thanks for the suggestion I will definately look into that book!

I have not actually hooked into a fish. I'm pretty sure there are some good reasons for this (fishing during poor times of the day, using the wrong fly patterns, fishing where there aren't any fish, etc...). Part of the reason I am not discouraged is because I took any chance I had and just got in the water wherever and whenever I could.

Out of the few different types of water I encountered I enjoyed the smaller to medium sized rivers and streams the best. I have decided to spend my time learning more about these types of waters.

I am using a 9' 6 weight St. Croix rod with a St. Croix fly reel. I couldn't even begin to tell you about the leader or any other part dealing with line, which may give you some inclination to where I am knowledge-wise.

When I purchased my gear (three years ago) I had met up with an experienced fisherman who directed me to some things that would get me started. Since then I have moved to a different town and lost touch with him, my gear was packed away, and I have forgotten many of the details he taught me.

I'm looking forward to learning more as I now have a much different lifestyle which provides a more apt schedule to include fishing. Information on learning about different ways to "rig" my rod (from fly to reel) would be greatly appreciated and would help take me the next step of my fishing experience.
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