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Default Re: Rookie Fly Fisherman Seeking Help

Originally Posted by lerg2sc View Post
Good evening everyone!

At this point it is unfair to clasify myself as a fisherman, but I am seeking advice on how and where to start learning more.

I have had some basic casting instruction and have been fishing a dozen or so times without actually landing a fish. Surprisingly this is not as frustrating as I would think. I have started to really enjoy the sport and would really like to learn more.

Does anyone have recommended reading for an absolute beginner to get me started?

Ahh, I remember when I learned to fly fish from my dad 20 plus years ago. He was a duffer himself and knew nothing about nymphing. One of the most awesome dads tho, took me up to Mammoth Lakes and fished hot creek. He bought me size 20 elk hair caddis that is the norm for hot creek, and I had no clue what a loop was, what it meant to have a crisp stop, but in the evenings when the caddis were out and I did my big lack of loop flail cast, managed to cast a decent amount of fish.

Now to help you out. LIke the above posters say, GO TO FLYSHOPS!! Better yet, if you can afford it, take casting lessons. Search high and low for fly fishing clubs. ABSOLUTELY INDESPENSIBLE (DARN, I wish this board had size 20 font). Right now you can go off and hunt steel, but it aint the best option for the beginner, but if you have thick skin, go try for some great lakes "steelhead". Yeah, I used quotes!.

Personally, I think the best bet for a beginner is to follow the hatchery truck in the summer.
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