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Default Re: What am i doing wrong

As you can tell from the above posts the normal learning curve can be frustrating. I have shared this sport with many friends and family and the success rate is very much attributed to time on the water. However, there are a few things everyone must learn prior to consistent success. First, you have to fish where the fish are, a guide and good buddies will help with that. Second, you have to have a fly in the water to catch fish. If you watch the guide on your trip you will see how efficient your guide is with knots and gear changes. The normal beginner spends almost as much time making adjustments to their flies and fixing tangles as they do fishing. Third, know the entomology of your stream or lake. Take a class on bugs as soon as you can it is usually the difference between good fly fishermen and average fly fishermen.

My father in law spent an entire year learning the sport only catching a handful of fish. I would put my rod down and spend time with him in the best lies along our favorite river until he had the chance to at least hook a few fish and then move on to actually fighting the fish correctly. Today he has a hobby for the rest of his life and has shared it with others. He is now my go to guy for information on his local river.

Fly fishing is gift to be shared, pass it on.

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