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Default Re: At Fort LeonardWood

Thanks again for all the reply's.
I look forward to this summer an spring when I can get out again.
So far being on base is nice. Only down side is I brought some of my fishing gear with me. I did not however bring my tying stuff. GGRRRRRRR.
Yea kicking my self in the rear on that one.

But I did go out today to bass pro an talked with the fly guy there.
He pointed me to a really nice fly shop in Springfield. What can I say. The people in there are awesome. I felt right at home, kinda like walking in to a barber shop were every one knows each other.

They normally will gather on tue an sat to sit talk an tie fly's.
Yep I know were I will be from now on on sat. At least while it is cold out.
A few of the guys there are former army as well. They gave me the number of a guy right out the base that runs a local Healing waters. I plan on calling him this week. I want to see if I can help out any.

Thanks again an keep the good info comeing
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