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Default Re: What are you using to insulate your hands from the cold?

I know I'm a new guy too this Board but I have been around many forums.

This topic is a sticky wicket for sure.

Gloves and fish slime.Unless your harvesting your catch,I would highly recommend Non absorbent gloves.

Or if you remove your absorbent gloves prior to handling your catch,Your doing the fish and fellow anglers a favor.

Most of the rivers I fish are C&R The rules in Colorado state the fish must be returned to the water immediately.

I wish it said unharmed and immediately. I cant tell you how many fish I've seen in spring and mid summer,that have finger and thumb prints on them from the previous winters

battles with man.

Tail rot and skin rot on a trophy's makes me sad on several different levels.

1. For the fish, what a horrible way to suffer as parasites eat away at your skin & flesh. Ethical and humane were words from a recent C&R thread.

Most of the fish I see, that have been damaged by mishandling, live in slack and back water eddy's trying to stay up right to grab the slightest morsel's that pass.All are dying and just waiting for that

last gasp if you will.

2 For the future angler that missed out on such an amazing creature.Uneducated anglers create the problem but they fish where I fish so it has become my problem.

I saw a book the other day.The author of the book uses a bright colored bandanna to knuckle his fish.I couldn't believe it.

My son recently presented me with a pair of Sims fingerless retractable mittens..I've used them once so far but removed them prior to handling my catch.

This removal has a two fold purpose..One keeps the glove dry,two leaves the fish unscathed.

I was very comfortable in the winter with an "Old Electricians" trick I being the Old Electrician..

The use of latex gloves and those tiny jersey wool type gloves.

1st apply a pair of latex..traps the heat in your hand

2nd apply jersey/stretchy type... keeps your rubber covered hand warm

3rd apply 2nd layer of latex..keeps the cloth dry and provides a semi tacky surface so you can manipulate line and reel.

This method works. Keeps you warm,you don't have to remove gloves and protects that ever crucial layer of slime on our finned friends.

Just my 2 cents worth
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