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Default Re: 4 Threads in 4 years for MB/SK

Originally Posted by smudger564 View Post
Hi Brucered, Iv'e been thinking the same thing about you guys. Where are you all.

I posted a thread on the Canada forums, a while ago with very little repsonse.

I know Canada is a vast unspoilt wilderness, where everyone would like to live and fish their lives out. You must be out fishing??

Best Regards

Shropshire, UK
yeah, i'm new to flyfishing, actually don't even have my gear yet. i have an order in with ALLEN for an alpha 5/6 reel and a 6wt rod. no rush thought, we have about 3' of snow and the rivers are all frozen solid.

hope to catch a few with it this year camping.

and now, i wasn't out fishing today, but shoveling and putting up christmas lights
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