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Default Re: Barb wired fence running across Odell spring creek in Ennis Montana

"Unfortunately the tubers probably can't be stopped" that about sums it up.

The issue with people tubing on rivers is huge, but it rides on a very thin line. It is easy to generalize and say they are all drunken idiots, but in reality there are many different people who choose to float down a river. Just as it's hard to watch a 17 year old with a beer bong scare away the trout form the hole you are fishing, it can be just as bad seeing 30 guide boats come down the stretch 'one after the other' like wild boars- ravishing the shorelines with two-fly set-ups. (thats a rant)

The real issue comes with the lack of respect for the water, and the lack of access points for the public. In my mind they are both problems that are a causality of each other.

I remember my professor at the UofM tell me that when they were building the new dam for the Blackfoot, they found something like 50,000 beer cans. That to me is just sad.

I like how the rivers are managed in Canada. Barbed hooks are illegal and (I believe) beer cans are even illegal while floating. Those are two things that I don't should be in the water ever.

BlackBugger - I would have to argue that giving up the lower Maddi is better then the Jefferson where the majority of the floating was occurring. However, giving up any river in Montana is tough as heck.

The stories I hear about floating the Lower G are hilarious, but not near as funny as some of the stories of college kids running the kitchen sink without knowing it was coming. There should be a warning sign on the Ennis lake Dam that says "you might die if you are about to float this in an inner-tube."
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