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Default Re: Montana... what about the rest of the state?

Hi Larry!

I did not decide yet. But have been focusing my search in MT now... But I have become very curious about it... reading a lot about the west and southwest portion of MT but no report about the rest!

IŽll also search about CO, WY and ID. About Colorado, I have been reading just a few, but have the impression that trout fishing is done more at the W and NW area, isnŽt it?

Well, despite MT being considered a "Meca" for all flyfishermen, I am not so confortable about being there by Jul/Aug... IŽd ratter go somewhere else... and let MT for another trip in the near future.

Larry, could you tell me how is it in CO this period? What about WADE fishing there, BESIDES boat/rafting fishing? Of course, If I decide for Colorado, IŽll try to book some days with you!

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