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Default Re: Cut Throat Trout Pics

Originally Posted by dean_mt View Post
Cheese and Crackers is right! That is a beautiful cutthroat, guys!

I think one of the reasons I stopped photographing fish is due to watching fish be photographed in videos. I do not mean to criticize you personally, you kept the fish in the water while photographing it the first time, and dipped it back in once, but really, just dipping a fish into shallow, still water for a couple seconds after holding it out of the water for 20 seconds is not helping the fish at all.

No one really knows how long it takes for gills to be damaged out of the water. I have read different things. I like to stay better safe than sorry and get a fish submerged in water within 15-20 seconds. Also, just because a fish darts away when you let go does not mean that damage has not been done to the gills.

I hope I'm not being preachy here, it is not my intent. We are all fishers here and passionate about our quarry. Sometimes we need to be reminded that the picture is not always worth it. Please remember to handle these big, beautiful fish with their best interest in mind.
Dean we share the same respect for our finned Friends that's for sure!
That fish took off like a Dart..unharmed and happy to be alive
Yat and myself always practice CPR on every fish caught..The resource is limited.
We climbed to 12k in elevation and dropped down into the caldera to catch this fish and a few of its cousins..
It is a popular destination and I don't want to miss out on a good tug next time..So this guy was put back with love and care.
I dig your commitment too Protecting the resource,, BULLY BULLY TOO you sir.
Haloed be thy name... Thy Kingdom Come TroutFishermans will be done..on streams as it is in rivers..

Oh Yeah.. Don't forget to put your toys back when your done playing with them!
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