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Default Re: What am i doing wrong

After tying a couple dozen buggers, i now know why everyone says to get a ceramic bobbin. I was just finishing tying off my wire at the tip of a bead head bugger and snap. This was the 3rd time in one night this has happend. And it really sucked because it was one of my better flies, i have really been taking my time and trying really hard to make a quality good looking product(im kind of a perfectionist and in fly tying it really comes out in me).

So i ordered my new vise, a griffen spyder rotary c-clamp style. Its a cheaper vise but the rental unit im tying on now is a cheaper griffin vise and it works great and its only $50. So i was talking with the fly shop owner about the griffen rotary, he never had any experience with it so he just said," i'll order one up and you can tie on it for the remainder of the class period and if you like it you can buy it or ill just keep it, no big deal." This is another thing i really like about the fly fishing industry, everyone seems to care and you can tell they are passionate about what they are teaching, selling ect. they arent bs'n you to make a profit. So know that im not spending $200 on just a vise i can get that nice ceramic bobbin and other quality tools and spend the remainder i would have spent on materials.
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