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Default Re: Allen & Co. Alpha WOW!!!

Thanks Justin. Heard you moved? Hope it went well. That has to be a hassle this time of year. Appreciate the reply.

I still can't get over how this reel feels and how it looks. I showed three friends yesterday and they could not believe that it did not cost at least $200. And it is a "bigger" reel than the equivalent size Ross reel. What I mean is that if you compare their Evolution 2 to the Alpha 5/6 (both are for rods in the same line sizes - 5/6) the ALpha has a wider spool and a larger arbor in diameter. It looks closer to an Evolution 3. However, it is not much heavier, only about 3/4 of an ounce. It feels like you could drop it off a building and it would still work just fine (but I won't). It is a very cold day here in Colorado, and I am getting ready to hit the South Platte with a friend. We have our work cut out for us, but I hope to get into some sizable fish and give this thing a workout. Either way I am not at the mall.

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