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Default Re: When did you start?

Originally Posted by peregrines View Post
I grew up in Brooklyn, and it was TV programs like ABC's Wide World of Sports with fishing segments with Kurt Gowdy and a program called Gadabout Gaddis that got me started. I'd go to the library and go over back issues of Field and Stream, bought a Herter's tying kit and a book by Helen Shaw on tying. I was about 8. No one in my family ever fished, and they all thought I was nuts. They still do.

Had some great adventures in the wilds of Prospect Park (like Central Park but with more gunshots) chasing "trout" (that turned out to be sunfish) and tadpoles and keeping them as pets in the bathtub (until the parental units came home). Spent most of those early days absolutely clueless, but luckily so were the fish. And it was all downhill from there.


I know I'm about two years too late, but I just couldn't resist jumping into this thread. The post above may as well have been written by me. I also grew up in Brooklyn and my family thought I was nuts too (still do). Gadabout Gaddis and Curt Gowdy were a god send. I watched their shows religiously. I started at age 7 or so but had no freshwater fishing opportunities. I dreamed about fishing in Prospect Park, but it seemed way out of reach from where I lived. Didn't get to try freshwater until I joined the Boy Scouts. I started fly fishing in 1979.
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