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Default Need help with fishing in WY

Hello everyone, I'm new to the site and I have a few questions for y'all. I am a fly guide in NC and I am working in Yellowstone next summer (2011) July-October. I have been to WY a few times (once for the Cutt-slam). My question is where will I be able to catch Golden trout in Wy. I have heard the wind river range but where? Also I would love to fish for some greenbacks. From what I have heard Greenbacks are primarily in Co so I would be willing to make a road trip, Any ideas? I'm not asking for anyone's secret spot here. I just need help finding these fish. The kicker here for me is that I have bad asthma/alergies so wherever I go needs to be no more than a 5 mile hike or so. Hiking at 10,000 ft. is pretty tough. I appreciate any advice.

Also, I have a 4x4 4runner. Any cool 4x4 trails that lead to streams around northwest Wy, Mt or Id?
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