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Default Re: how do you treat wild feathers?

I harvest many birds and animals for fly tying. Remove as much fat and flesh as possible. Salt heavily and dry them. Getting the item dry will prevent it from rotting. Many people suggest Borax as well after removing the salt. There are other chemicals you can put on the skin to preserve it, however, I like to keep it cheap. Once the item is dry you need to keep the bugs out. I have lost many items from being lazy and not storing things properly. All it took was to lose a complete rooster neck and I was convinced that I had to change. Now, I store things with mothballs. I place items in a plastic or paper bag or even in a box and throw in a handfull of mothballs. I have not lost a single item. I also use a household insecticide and spray my storage area and tying bech. This helps in the summertime.
I also started placing loose feathers in jars. If you think you may place anything in a sealed bag or jar it had better be real dry or it will rot.
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