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Default Re: Allen Fly Fishing - Product Discounts

Originally Posted by gtom61 View Post
Hi. I'm relatively new to fly fishing and this forum, but I wanted to share this with all of you. And i'm sure many of you have similar ones. My apologies if this is a bit lengthy.

I heard about Allen Fly Fishing (Justin) through afriend here in Nor California several months ago. I saw someone with an XL and he educated me a bit on reelss. I'm an avid black bass fisherman, so i could appreciate this kinda info.

Anyways, did my homework on the web and i found very little if anything negative about Allen, so being the bass fisherman, especially for the prices, i decided what kind of fish i was going after and bought several different reels from Justin.

So far, I've purchased 4 reels, and waiting on 1 and a few other toys including the new NanoTi rod. But here's the story. I know he's been busy and some of my orders have been delayed which is fine, but here's how he's taken care of me in the past few months:

1. Extra fly lines for a trip because he thought i should have more weight options
2. Sent me an Alpha 5/6 immediately when i told him i was going on a trip the following week
3. Needed a spare Alpha 7/8 spool for my older Alpha model for my upcoming Steelhead trip, and sends me a new model Alpha 7/8 reel that i received last night, and he says he knows and to keep it.

Now that's customer service! And he answers his phone. Justin, you have a loyal customer here for as long as you are in business.

I will second everything Gerry has said about Justin, he has been great to deal with, always answer your emails/calls, always keeps you updated on his new products and what more can I say. I look at it this way , how many of the big companies give you the time of the day when you have problems with a product….NONE….they mostly refer you to their dealer and most of the time you get the run around. So my point is, I would rather deal with the small company where you get the service and not only are you getting the service you are getting the man that owns Allen Co Justin. Justin is running a class "A" operation in my book……Keep up the good work and research your doing Justin, you have a future in the Fly Fishing industry.

Keven D.
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