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Default Re: How to roll cast farther???

Ahhh, well I haven't yet gotten a chance to re-practice my roll cast, or any cast for that matter. Due to circumstances, I was fishing out of a covered boat house all summer w/ a spinning rod. I ended up getting a 4 wt TFO finesse rod which made all the difference in the world in terms of roll casting. It's a thing of beauty! I can roll cast a wff line w/o to many issues. I actually have a DT 4wt line on order right now. I can't wait to get it out on the river for the Sandie run next month.

The right rod made such a big difference. I learned for once that my technique isn't actually that bad (and getting better). I'm intrigued by this side cast technique though, I will be trying it out.

Now, if I could only cast my 8wt TiCrX a mile, I might me happy.
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