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Default Overloading a Sage 99 6 wt....or not?

About 18 months ago I purchased a Sage Z-axis 696 on ebay to be used as a nymphing rod, particularly on bigger waters. I love my Z-axis rods at 9', but have never liked this 9'6" rod. Its end is too whippy or soft.

I'm thinking about selling it and buying a Sage 99, specifically a 699. I like my reel, spools and line (6 wt.) which seem right for my goals.

Previous posts to this forum, however, recommend overlining the Sage 99. In other words, I would purchase a 599 and fish it with my 6 wt. nymphing or Rio gold lines.

Nobody in this area has these rods to test drive. I'm looking for input from anglers with on-water experience with the Sage 99 rods. Thanks.
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