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Default Re: sage vt2 vs st croix legend ultra(8wt)

Originally Posted by Frank Whiton View Post
Hi MTskibum,

If you can buy an Ultra for $200 that seems like a good deal to me and I would jump on it. If you have not casted an 8wt before you will probably like the Pro better than the Ultra. The Pro is a slow action rod and most beginners like it. It is not a pretty rod but very functional. I think it is a better rod in a 5wt. If you are interest in just distance then the TiCr will out cast the Ultra and Pro but you may not like the stiffness. All things considered, I think you will be more satisfied with the Ultra, especially for $200.

I went into buy the s crouix ultra, and when the guy was packaging it up for me he broke the tip off. So the options were he would knock 30 bucks off and i could mail it in, because if he would of mailed it in he would of gotten this years model back, so then i wouldnt of been able to get the good deal, or he would knock the TiCrx 8wt down to 200 dollars.
I decided on the TiCrx, I realize its going to be more of a learning curve how to cast it, but i dont mind, i packaged it with the Cortland Endurance reel.

I went fishing on the gallitan with it yesterday in 10-20 mph winds, and it got the job done. I was able to brute force the fly in the general vicinity of where i wanted it to go. I am going to go out later today and it is windy again, so i will bring my new toy out again and give it a try.

However i might not of gotten heavy enough line. Pretty sure i messed up my line purchase. I got WF 8wt floating "mainstream", I might either get a 9 weight sinking tip line next weekend, or SA headstart 8 weigth sinking tip.

Which would you guys recomend?
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