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Howdy all! First time posting in this forum.

I fish the CLA 1 on my 3wt and love it. For the extra $15 over a Cimarron I've been very happy. It's strong, solid, made in-state (I'm in CO) and the warranty support from what I've read is fantastic. For a reel that small in the streams I fish my 3wt I hardly ever have to tighten the drag past a few clicks beyond free-spin but it's both strong and smooth.

Personally, I don't mind the clicker working both directions. It was a bit strange at first (coming off a Redington SV) but call me weird 'cuz I've actually come to like the sound over this season. For the price (they are a bit spendy but reasonable for a machined reel) I think they're a buy-it-once type of purchase and I plan on picking up another CLA when I replace the 5wt system I donate to a local TU chapter.

Interestingly, I had a guide on the Green River (Dutch John) mention to me that the preference for click-on-retrieve in his view seemed to be a regional thing for most folks and that's been the only real single complaint I've heard about the reel itself.

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