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Default Re: Alaska's true reality show: salmon or gold mine

Originally Posted by FlyBum View Post
The truth is I've heard of the Pebble Mine project, but today is the first I've read anything about it and just from what I've read so so far I believe to allow this Alaska's and our nations leaders would have to be brain dead. I'm amazed the idea is even being entertained by any of them.
Politics is why it is being considered. If this sort of mineral deposit was located elsewhere the situation would be entirely different. The mining companies are claiming some really gaudy numbers in terms of mineral material and the potential value. A half trillion gets thrown around regularly.

The problem is that this is basically the rise in the tundra where one end drains down the Kvichak and the north end drains down the Nushagak rivers respectively. Downstream represents probably the most economically valuable salmon fisheries in the world. This location is the last pristine mega scale salmon and specifically red(sockeye) salmon left in the world. Totally wild, zero hatchery fish, no dams, certified sustainable with a large commercial harvest upwards of 30million caught. Little to no subsistence limitations. It is also a multi-million dollar sport fishery and it still has millions of escapement fish to ensure a healthy resource.

In comparison the famous Kenai River will have an end season escapement of 500-750k average. The Kvichak saw that much escapement in a 2-3 day period.

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There has been plenty written by a large number of other sources. I would imagine that you could find one of suitable credibility. You can visit the Pebble Partnership page and read what the miners have to say.

Originally Posted by FrankB2 View Post
National Geographic lost ALL credibility with me and most of the residents of Puerto Rico after they ran an article about the island's culture in 2003: PUERTO RICO HERALD: Is the current National Geographic article on Puerto Rico generally accurate and fair? My wife is a native of Puerto Rico, and we visit the island regularly. The NG article might just as well have been based on a trip to Mars, as it had nothing to do with reality. The link above does not begin to express the outrage voiced by the island's residents, but it gives a hint.

I'll go to a more reliable source for info about the Peeble Mine issue. I have read about it in fly fishing magazines, and it's always dis-heartening to see one natural resource abused to exploit another resource. The unfortunate fact is money talks in these cases, and gold is worth way more than fish right now. Warren Buffet recently made a public comment regarding gold investments, saying that gold is worthless as an investment in an economy, society, etc: it just sits there doing nothing. That sums it up for me.....

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Originally Posted by Hardyreels View Post
This is a difficult thing for me to even think of let alone get caught up in. I have fought many environment based battles, first as a volunteer in the early 80's and then as a legislative liaison representing some of the best known environmental organizations in America on both the State & Federal level. By 1988 I was finished, exhausted, and ready to return to a quiet life as a traveler and fisherman. I stay apprised of the Pebble proposal and numerous other big ticket threats to our environment at large but I no longer want to fight. I vote, I have my hopes and fears, but I do not allow myself to become obsessed with the thought that I can somehow effect a sea change single handedly.

It's sad, but true,

I like to joke and say when asked that I was "smart enough" to be born in Alaska. With that being said, the politics in this state in the first decade of the 21st century, have been a true story that if written as fiction would be written off as unimaginable.
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