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Default Re: Food for thought

I think the more driving force is the urge to "buy", not the urge to "sell". Sure, we're bombarded with advertising at every turn, but it's not so much that advertisers, or merchants, are so desperately trying to sell us stuff, it's that we're buying stuff at a record pace, and the merchants are trying to direct our disposable income to their particular wares. You could blame advertisers for enticing us to spend money, unnecessarily, but, first, you'd have to admit that your will was weak enough to be diverted! I work hard (well, I tell my boss that I work hard) for my money, and I'll spend what's left over where I choose. Adverts have some influence on which widget I will buy, but I steadfastly maintain that the ultimate decision of whether to buy, or not, is mine. I don't always get the latest gadget, but I would never go on a fishing trip without a digital camera, cell phone, and MP3 player, again. With the ready availability of inexpensive electronics, today, who would?

Sure, simplicity can absolve some of the stress of daily living, but, if the price is occasionally reading a half-inch thick manual, I'll do my penance.
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