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Default Re: Fly Fishing Shenandoah NP

Originally Posted by switchfisher View Post
I hiked in from the lower Hughes almost to the Corbin Cabin flat section back in 2006

If you want to fish your way in, it will be torture - this is nice water - or was before the drought last year.

The best section starts about 2 miles in from the Rag Mt Parking Lot and goes to just short of Corbin Cabin where it flattens out in the valley.

I stopped because the stream got real low and slow near Corbin - why fish that when you have all the pocket water on the first part of the river. So I turned around and fished my way back. There is a super section that starts about 3 miles from the bottom to where I turned around. It's climb over huge rocks to get to classic deep pocket pools. Once you go into the river in that section, you are there for a good 1/2 mile as the bank is really steep on either side.

If you go to Corbin Cabin from the top, you will be really close to that section. I can send you a link to the trip report I wrote on the Hughes if you want more detail.

Click the image to open in full size.

I was a spin guy back in 2006. I'd like to go back and try it again with my long rod now.
That would be awesome if you could send me the link to your trip report! I really can't wait for the trip, I hope the fishing is going to be worth it!
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