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Default Re: What do you wear?

Originally Posted by smudger564 View Post
Hi All, Iv'e been wondering, what with the recent cold snaps here in the UK, what you lads and lasses wear to keep you warm.

I'd be interested in most in what you use on your feet and hands. Headwear is optional.

Best regards

Layers are key, and no cotton.
It gets much colder here than ever dreamed of in the UK. So for me in the summer here I am generally wearing light wool or synthetic socks. Then polypropolene long underwear with either a pair or light pants or shorts. Without waders on, one might look a little funny wearing long johns clearly visible under shorts, but this lower wear works perfect for me. I dont get to hot hiking, and I stay warm enough in some really chilly glacier fed water. Then upper gear depends on the weather. If it is sunny, a t shirt, and if cloudy a hooded sweatshirt, and when rainy break out the gore tex.

A month ago I was fishing in temps from 7-10degrees f(-13c or so). The water temp was about 40f or 5c. I was wearing heavy wool socks, poly propolene long underwear. With medium wt fleece sweats. Waders, with polypro baselayer top, long sleeved nylon fishing type shirt, a fleece vest, then a soft shell coat all below my fishing vest.
Then for headgear I have a simms skull cap type thing. Neoprene finger optional gloves.

The big thing as I said before is to dress in layers and stay moving. As you get warm you can take a layer off or add as needed.

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