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Default Re: Two days to fish outside of Denver next week. Suggestions?

Just in case you didn't have enough choices;

The Poudre
Colorado Fishing Network: Cache la Poudre River

Big Thompson
Big Thompson River - Front Range Waters - Fishing Reports - Trout's Fly Fishing

Our Waters, Four Seasons, Anglers, North Platte, Gray Reef, Laramie Plains Lakes, Wyoming
The Laramie River, From the Wyoming Angling Guide

St. Peters Fly Shop, Ft. Collins, river reports and such for the Poudre, Big Thompson, Laramie, Encampment, N. Platte
Home | St. Peters Fly Shop, Ft Collins Fly Fishing Shop, Estes Park Fly Fishing, Rocky Mountain National Park Fly Fishing, Fly Fishing Rocky Mountain National Park, Cache la Poudre River Fly Fishing

West Laramie Fly Store
West Laramie Fly Store

Call the fly shops. They can tell you more than me.
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