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Default Re: lake fishing techniques?

The answer is yes. Or to re-phrase MoscaPescador's response, how you fish depends on where the fish are. In a lake, trout will vary their depth according to water temperature, oxygen levels, structure, and time of day. You need to find that depth, and your setup will depend on that.

If fish are cruising the shoreline, or reed beds, or other shallow waters, then dry flies on a floating line works great. Other times, trout will be doing a circuit, basically swimming in circles, and again, depending on their depth, you may or may not want to switch to nymphs or streamers. On hot days, or when the sun is directly overhead, fish often go deep. A sinking line can get down maybe 20 feet, depending on how patient you can be, and beyond that, flyfishing probably isn't going to be the most productive method.

If they are deep, fish will often hold near drop-offs. Being near both deep water and shallow water gives them access to the best of both worlds. If you can get up high enough, you can see these structures, and even the fish. Or if you can get a contour map of the bottom, you'll have an idea of where to target. I'd also strongly suggest you explore the inlets and outlets to the lake.

Another book I would suggest is Gary Lafontaine's Flyfishing the High Mountain Lakes. It's obviously targeting high alpine lakes, but there's alot in there about lake fishing in general. It's also an entertaining read regardless of whether you fish that particular type of water.
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