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Default one wt over another

Hi all, this might sound like a noob question, but I dont consider myself a great flyman...though I've done it for a while, I still got a lot to learn. That is why I'm asking these following questions:

I was wondering if there realy is any differance between one wt. and another wt. right next to it? I've been fishing with a #4/#5 for a few years now and was wondering what the differance between 4wt and 5wt is (besides a factor of 1 number)? More over even 9-10wt or 1-2wt for that matter. So what can I expect if I change from a 5wt to a 4wt, any big changes in castability (forget wt. forward lines and such)? Or does it not matter much? I get that the wt. of a rod is an indicator of the strength and bend of the rod, so does the same hold true for the line?
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