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Default Hello from No. Ca.

Hello All,

While fishing Lee Vineing Creek along the Eastern Sierra last Oct., spinning gear, I decided that with access to such great trout waters it was time to learn to Fly Fish.
So hear I am

A little background,

Fished off and on most my life but would not call myself a seasoned fisherman.

I live in Nevada County Ca. which gives me access to a lot of good local trout waters and the eastern Sierra is about a 6 hr. drive.

I will soon be 58 and am retired . unfortunitly my wife isn't

Still waiting to actually get some gear and get going but for now I'm doing a lot of reading and anxiously waiting whatever lies ahead.

I've already picked up quite abit from following the forum for several months so thought it time to join so I can pick all you wonderful folks brain with all the question I'm sure to have as spring is just around the corner.

Thanks for having me,
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