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Default Re: Five Weight All Around Confessions!

Originally Posted by Hardyreels View Post
Hi Tom,

I guess I have to ask how big are the rivers or creeks you are going to be fishing? I have fished streamers for a long time using #5 rods. I have three of them, a 9', a 7'9" and a 6'3". All work perfectly for the size streams I use them to fish in. Shortly after taking up residence here I realized that my #5's were too light for some fish while my #9 was a wee too heavy. I landed in the middle with a 9' 7 weight medium fast rod (yes Robert, a Drake Big Horn) and it proved to be just right.

If you are going to fish large flies on fairly heavy leaders at an average distance of 40' I would use my #7 over the 5. If the water is small and the casts short I would end up with one of the short 5's in my hand. My 1994 9' 5 weight PM10 will probably be used as a dry fly rod for the rest of our time together.

Its not the rod weight I'm concerned with as I know that a 5wt or 6wt is perfect for where I would streamer fish. Its the fact that I really like moderate action and moderate fast action rods, but have heard and read everywhere including this forum to fish streamers effectively you need a Fast Action rod.

I just dislike fast action rods as they feel like broom sticks to me and it has nothing to do with my experience or ability to cast I actually cast them just fine. I simply prefer moderate and moderate fast rods, but If to properly fish streamers I really NEED a fast action I'll buy or build one.

I just want to fish streamers to catch some of the Big Browns in the Truckee River and a few other places.
-Tom Wilson
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