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Default Re: Five Weight All Around Confessions!

Originally Posted by burk48237 View Post
I use switch rods for streamers quite a bit when I'm swinging streamers. But when I'm tossing heads and stripping fast on retrieve a two hander gets in the way. A single hander is much more efficient and easier to handle when you're casting and working a streamer or even a top water (mousin) then a two hander.

I must admit after using a two hander in AK, I don't understand why the 11 1/2 seven weight isn't the go too rod in the great white north for Silvers and Rainbows.
I had not thought of that and that makes complete sense. So perhaps I should get the Switch for steelhead, surf fishing, etc. By the Way any familliar with the St. Croix Imperial Switch rod other then the fact its build in Mexico.

I just found a TFO TICR 9' 5wt at a very good price. Would this be a good choice for the application I've been discusing considering how much I like Moderate-Fast and mostly dislike Fast rods, I know that it considered Fast, but its not as fast as a TICRX. What you all think. Or do you think The TFO Pro would be a better fit for me and this application as single hander. I really like TFO's too.

One more well sort of to through in the mix I just discovered the TFO Pro comes in a 9' 6" 5wt perhaps that rod would make a decent everything rod including if not especially for High Sticking and Czech Nymphing. I can't find any reviews on that specific rod and of coarse I could be getting overly optimistic at this point.
-Tom Wilson
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