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Default Re: Five Weight All Around Confessions!

I fish the truckee all the time, I have friends that fish the truckee and while I own a switch rod, I prefer my standard old medium fast 5 weight on the truckee and most of them do as well.

I have a 7 wt switch rod I bought for Pyramid lake where larger fish are the norm and longer casts are required, and have never considered using it on the Truckee - maybe that is just me though.

I have never felt undergunned on the truckee with my 5 wt (medium or medium fast) fly rods. I do fish streamers, including crawdads and some bunny tails, but nothing really huge mostly size 8 or 10.

since you are considering a redingtion rod, I have an older redington 3wt I use for small streams and I love it.

I also fish only medium to medium fast rods and have never had an issue on the truckee with fishing streamers, nymphs, dries, etc. I typically water load and flip upstream with streamers, though I can cast a #8 or #10 beadhead without issue if I need to, and actually have on Davis Lake, from a tube with my 5 weights.

I had a fast speed rod last year, I didn't really like it, probably and old dog and new tricks thing, but it was way to stiff and I never really got the hang of it. I broke it one day casting a weighted bugger. Cabelas replaced the rod, and when they did I selected a medium fast rod and have no regrets. I am not saying the weighted streamer was what broke the rod, it was probably a defect, but, I am saying I do not prefer fast rods, and that I fish the truckee river routinely with a medium or medium fast rod.

As for fish size, the largest I have caught on the truckee is around 6 pounds, there are bigger fish in there, smaller ones too, but I do not feel undergunned with the 5 wt, and the last couple big fish (5 and 6 lbs) were released unharmed.

Just my two cents on 5 wts on the truckee.

If I were fishing big steelhead runs, or alaska salmon, I think I would go bigger, but for now, i am happy with what i have.

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