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Default Re: Cut Throat Trout Pics

Wow Teddy,I forgot bout those fellers..Great to see you..
Sorry for the Delay I've been laid up with a bum ankle for a week..Missed work Missed two fishing trips..writhing in pain..Felt awful..Stupid Doogie Houser Dr. of mine took one look at it and said Gout.. I told him not so much and lo and behold blood work came back neg for the fat mans disease..
I been heating and chilling it for the better part of a week and swelling finally went down and was able to get out for a few. Went to the FFS with Yat and the Boys..
Got a bunch of swag and had a great time! Not like last year with that Giant tool of a man Van R.. and it wasn't the ISE just the fly guy stuff so a bit more intimate and laid back cheaper beer too.

Lots of good demos and seminars except when Politics were brought up had to walk out of one seminar on fishing Wyoming..dude just chapped my ass no need for that in fly fishing ..who cares what you think about the gubment right ? Nothing matters on the water anyway ceptin what fly you gonna use..LOL I digress..Keep them Photos coming buddy and find the Piggys in the Shenandoah
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