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Default Got a new rig today

For the past few weeks Ive had it in my head that I wanted to play with a 3 wt. Stopped by the Cabelas that recently opened and picked up a cheapo combo. That night I dry casted in the front yard. It was terrible, the setup wasnt balanced and the rod would not load. Broke it down and returned it the next day but not before reading Curtis' review of the Sage Launch. Curtis, with all respect, youre nuts. I love the look of this rod especially with the reel color.

Ended up picking up a 7'6" Launch in 3 wt with a Ross CLA reel in copper and a SA line (I dont think the line is the greatest but he threw it in for free). Absolutely perfectly balanced and just a sweet rig. I gotta get to a river and quick, unfortunatley the wife is working this weekend and I have diaper duty. Will have to work a plan to sneak out during the week.

I am a happy man.

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