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Default Re: Alaska in early July

Originally Posted by Hardyreels View Post
I posted this to another Alaska thread and then thought it may be useful here to;


I hear you Vance,

-13 here, I went back and dated the thread when I saw the post. Your advice to the member recommending your area guide was right on. I am telling people to wait to the last possible moment before purchasing air fare because of volatile weather conditions like are mentioned on this thread.

Using real time Intel on weather and river conditions prior to spending a ton of money on your dream trip will be a better route to take than shipping along a gun for each hand so you can shoot all those bears who will be after you

I had people from the lower 48 here this past August who had booked air fare in March so there was no turning back. I had hoped that things would dry out by the 10th of August but it only got worse. We had charters out of both Homer & Seward canceled due to high wind & seas and the rivers were up to the flood point. The good news was that I did not have to worry about the depth of the rivers while hauling two fishermen. The bad news was that since they were fly and spin fishing and the fish were on the bottom under 6' of muddy water no one caught any salmon.

When you are planning to come to AK. to fish there are three things that really are going to matter; Weather, Weather, and Weather. Mosquitoes, buy some bug spray, bears, unless you go looking for them you probably won't see one, but weather......................... You can count on that.

If the original poster still has questions about where to go in July .. drop me a line for some suggestions.

As for the Weather?... 2010 Was one of the weirdest weather years I have seen in my 30+ years here in Alaska. Reportedly the wettest, coldest with the least sunshine on recored for much of the south central and south west portions of the state. Some weeks the weather was nice the rivers in great condition and on others over the banks with rain nonstop and heavy winds. (It is great to have the right equipment for these conditions if you are going to be out in it) ... I had some folks on Moraine creek in early August and we had blue skies the whole time they were there and great fishing. The next week... water temps went down, rain and wind kicked into high gear and the catching slowed to a crawl, of course if you could get a line out in 45 mph plus winds or wanted to more power to you.. we needless to say spent allot of time in the big dining tent. Eventually the weather started to co operate and some excellent fishing was to be had. We had trips where we were on the Togiak and the river fished great, when we returned a few weeks later between those times the river had been out of it's banks... we somehow managed to miss it, but it did rain, lots. So while one can plan, one has to be willing to also accept that during the time you are here the weather will be what it will be, and that you can not blame anyone for that which can not be controlled.

As for weather predictions in this part of the world.... I have yet to see anyone get it right consistently, you get up look outside the door or flap of your tent and witness the weather..and there you go.

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