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Default Allen Rods & Long Bellied Fly Lines

This weekend I was looking at the Scott A3 9' 5wt, As some know I've been looking at purchasing Medium Fast Action rod and that Scott A3 is sweet IMO. Matter of fact for Shortline and High Stick Nymphing I think I'd like that rod much better than my Redington CT maybe even better over all.

I happened to mention to the Gentleman helping me that I also intend to use the rod on a Float Trip on the Upper Sacramento River and he told me, because of the long mends with that rod I'll need a "Long Bellied Line" Like Rio Indicated line.

Now that Justin (Allen & Co) has announced this morning the shipment and release of the Nano TI rods I'm consider purchasing one of his. Especially
since a little bit ago one of the guys here who purchased one said that even though he was told the action is fast, he actually would call it moderate-fast.

Now with that in mind and being I'm always tyring to get most for my money (A.K.A. I'm tight) and do not want to spend $75 on a fly line if I do not need to. Though I will if its the only way to have an easier mending line since this will be my first float trip and I don't want to make learning to fly fish from a drift boat more difficult then it needs to be.

I'm wondering if there is a way to use one of Justin's weight forward lines at only $16 for forum members. Would up-lining by one line weight make mending easier or would that just slow the rod down a little and because I'd be trying to mend running line would it still be more difficult then a long bellied line?
-Tom Wilson
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