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Default Re: Let's Talk About Knives.....................

I just bought the "tactical" knife pictured above, but not for "tactical" purposes. I tried to find a knife with the most useful type of blade that has a button lock mechanism for the easiest one hand opening. I surely have no intention of using it for offensive or defensive purposes. Hard to find the most multi-useful blade styles in those types of knives.
I understand where you are coming from, commenting on defensive use. I don't even think about that stuff when it comes to knives. I collect pre-2004 Schrade knives of the traditional type pocket and hunting knives. The new knife is the scariest looking knife I own. I may have to paint it pink or something. But the button lock will be comforting to my arthritic hands.

I'm not criticizing your choice in knives or anything but I have my own reasons for not buying Benchmade.....Not a very nice company.
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