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Default Re: A couple of Redingtons

This is not 100% on topic but I too have recently acquired 2 Redington rods and am very enthused about their quality and value. Early in the year I picked up one of the last of the CPS series of rods in a 3wt, and matched with a Konic reel it has been a great small stream rod for small bass and panfish all summer. Then just now for Christmas, my wife awarded me with a new RS4 in 4wt. Both are 8'6" rods and both equally attractive and presumably equal fishing quality. I won't know about the RS4 for a few more weeks till the water gets clear of ice and warms up.

The reason for the lower marks on performance and overall is because these are such FAST rods, and in their weight class I feel this really cuts down on the fish playing action/fun on the small waters I am usually on. Not that it is not appreciated when a big bass or even the occasional carp or other bottom feeder might take the fly. However, in a 3wt or 4wt rod, I would like to have a little more softness farther down the rod.
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