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Default Re: Proper Fly Rod balance

If weight is needed, a nice young lady on this forum had a good suggestion awhile back.
She suggests that one puts lead core underneath the backing on the reel.
Sounds easy if I determine the amount of weight needed with the reel mounted and line strung and weight added. Weigh the amount I added and put that much lead core on the reel.
I have not tried it yet, but I plan to on an outfit I have that balances about an inch in front of the cork.

In retrospect, I wish I had purchased the 4pc rod instead of the 5pc because of the few tenths of an ounce difference in weight.

Besides any casting issues, it's a pain to carry around a rod that doesn't balance at the grip and is constantly nose diving to the ground. On the one I have the issue with, it balances right at the hook keeper.....OUCH!!
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