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Default Moving to NM from the UK


My name is James and I'm an interloper here from the sister UK forum. Due to work commitments I'm going to be spending 6 months or so of 2011 in Albuquerque NM. Unfortunately the timing of my visits to the USA coincide with the best fly fishing in the UK - so I hope to make up for it by experiencing something new.

I'm a very keen fly fisherman (probably 100+ trips/year) and also an avid tournament caster (120+ feet with a #5). I particularly enjoy saltwater fishing and two species that I need to catch are redfish and tarpon (I've jumped a few of the latter, but never landed one). That said, I'm keen to experience anything the US has to offer - I'm sure I'll get some time off for traveling.

So if anyone has any suggestions for some mustn't miss fishing, or if you want to meet up for some casting practice (or beers) then drop me a line.

Many thanks, James
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