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Default Re: Got a new rig today

Just picked up a 3 forks 3wt and took it out last week for the first time. The lack of distance took some getting used to, but then again I bought the rod for small creeks and small trout where distance casting is rare. I'm just used to casting the 5/6 wt and it's my adjustment to the capabilities of the rod more than the rod itself. I rigged mine with the 444 peach and it loads fine for me with a delicate presentation which is what I was looking for. I will say that the reel seat leaves much to be desired; however, I really didn't expect much for what I payed for it. Cabelas should consider putting better hardware on that blank and they would likely sell better.

I suppose that if the 3wt was my primary stick, I'd drop the coin for the sage; however, I don't see me using the rod often given the water that I primarily fish and the normal wind conditions I have to deal with.
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