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Default Re: Tiers: Whip Finish- Tool or Fingers?

Sal, my first fly tying kit was from Herters, a Minnesota company that is no longer in business, unless it was the parent of some other company today. They carried everything for hunting, fishing, camping, etc.

The vise was a bent-up piece of metal similar to the little brackets you buy at the hardware store now to reinforce picture frames, shelves, etc. It had a thumb screw on each end, one to hold it to a table and the other to secure the hook in. There was no bobbin in the kit, so we just held the thread as tight as necessary. I don't even recall if there was a pair of scissors. I think it must have had some type hackle pliers. A little chennille, a few odd colored feathers, etc. This was about 1946. I didn't return to fly fishing and fly tying until about 1997. Wow, that's a long drought.

I pass this along to the younger members, don't let that happen to you. You miss too much along the way.

Today, with all the nice tools for fly tying, I still like to make a lot of my own stuff, and I get a kick out of improvising. I have a bunch of home made
bobbins, threaders, etc that seem to work as well as the purchased ones.
And, making a whip finish with your fingers is just cool.
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